Internal Controls Evaluation and Development

What are internal controls?
This is simply a phrase to describe the policies and procedures in place that help ensure accurate and ethical financial transactions in the workplace. Fraud and abuse can occur in any setting, and internal controls are the best way to safeguard your assets and protect yourself and your employees from this type of misconduct.

We help you establish or refine standard-setting policies and procedures for your business, based on your office needs. This translates into peace of mind and efficient business operations. Your staff benefits from clear direction and can perform financial tasks with confidence.

We begin with an initial meeting to identify your needs and priorities, review current procedures and controls and identify business processes; and then work with you and your staff to develop and implement your plan. We will consult with you periodically to determine if you have achieved your goals, as well as assist with training of new staff.

Benefits of Internal Controls
Internal controls put your mind at ease so you can concentrate on caring for your
customers or patients. Solid internal controls will help you:

  • Create effective and efficient business operations
  • Increase reliability of financial information
  • Improve account management
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce collection times
  • Improve profitability

As always, our fees are based simply on the time and resources required to develop the internal controls plan that best suits your unique business. To learn more, contact us at (425) 451-9697 or email