Financial Statement Preparation and Accounting

We offer a wealth of expertise in financial statement preparation and reconciliation services. We then go a step further: we help you interpret this data and how it relates to the financial health of your business. We help ensure you have an accurate picture of your cash flow at all times. If needed, we can help you clean up your general ledger and improve your general ledger knowledge. We do not perform audits.

Numbers are one of the areas we know best. We can free up your time to do what you do best – care for your patients or clients – while we take care of the things that aren’t a cost-effective use of your time. Simply put, we help you manage your business. Our accounting services are tailored to your needs, such as summarize all financial transactions, maintain detailed general ledger, preparation of payroll and business tax forms, post employee earnings records, prepare Forms W2 and W3, Forms 1096 & 1099, and prepare personal property affidavits. We provide as much or as little assistance as you’d like.